10 Best Online Shopping Websites in Dubai

list of online shopping sites in UAE

There is a great boost acknowledged by the Dubai e-commerce industry in recent years. The majority of people know this city for its luxurious places and large buildings. However, there are many fewer who know about the increasing trend of online shopping. In this post, we will tell you about the top 10 list of online shopping sites in UAE. Check out each of them and go for the one that suits you the best.

  1. Souq.com

It is one of the top websites for the individual who want to buy things like clothes, cosmetics, watches, electronics, etc. The Souq.com is an amazing online place for the people who prefer discounted deals on a variety of high-end items like Macbooks, iPhones, laptops, etc.

Another amazing feature about this website is that it also has a distributor department where the individuals can display their things for sale. These items generally don’t available in the Dubai stores.

  1. Amazon.com

Amazon is one of the most amazing platforms for online shoppers all over the globe. In Dubai, they are known for quick and easy shipping solutions. They have become popular by providing deals on a variety of product categories like furniture, electronics, beauty projects, and many more.

Also, this site is known to offer top level customer service that one can’t expect on the normal shopping websites. That’s not all; they also sell their items at a discounted price than the majority of retailers.

 list of online shopping sites in UAE

  1. Sivvi.com

Sivvi.com is an amazing destination for the youngsters who always look for the great deals. In addition to UAE, this website is available in many other places across the Middle East. It makes them a deserving candidate for the best list of online shopping sites in UAE.

They sell products of many brands like TOMS, Aldo, Mango, and many more. It offers items for both men as well as women.

  1. Eyewa

There is no doubt that the people love online shopping UAE won’t be aware of this website. This platform has targeted shoppers who prefer only to buy high-quality sunglasses for well-known brands. Additionally, Eyewa also sells contact lenses and other essential items.

  1. Supermart

Supermart is an amazing option for buying groceries in the Dubai city. They sell a variety of products related to health & beauty, gluten-free, babies, etc. That’s not all; one can also buy the magazines and stationery on their site. Also, they offer many payment options for the customers.

 list of online shopping sites in UAE

  1. CareFourUAE.com

This website is the world’s second-largest retailer selling more than 100,000 items to their customers. They sell items in bulk and ensure that the customers can buy products at an affordable price. Over 2 billion people buy products from their website.

  1. Crazy Deals

One of the most amazing online shopping sites in Dubai is Crazy Deals that launched with a motive to sell a variety of consumer electronic items. They have a much greater catalog than the normal online sites. Also, their customer service is quite amazing and known to offer tremendous service.

  1. Aido

This website launched was launched in the year 2008 with a motive to become a great supplier of Blu-ray & DVDs movies. However, the Aido soon expanded to other areas and started selling other products for the customers. Each item that customer can buy from their website available with a one year warranty.

  1. I Saw It First

I Saw It First is an affordable and trendy place for people who always look for stylish and trendy things. There is a great variety of products available for customers with a unique spin method. The platform charges a small delivery fee from the customers.

  1. Mumzworld

There is no way that anyone will find a better platform than the Mumzworld for mum and babies. They sell products of many recognized and well-known brands for the children. Also, the prices of these products are quite competitive and don’t hit the pockets hard.

They are one top list of online shopping sites in UAE in every manner. Each of them has set their standards high and sell top-class items. If you have any other website in mind, please tell us in the comment section.