Savor the Memorable Trip to the Land Of Mirage – Abu Dhabi

The grand land of camels and sand dunes that mesmerizes everyone who visits the city for the first time are definitely worth million times hailing. The abu dhabi attractions, abu dhabi weather, cuisines, culture and adventure sports are bound to leave one spellbound in this city which is a potpourri of fun and excitement. Of the seven sheikhdoms in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is geographically one of the biggest states occupying almost 80% of UAE’s total surface area. Abu Dhabi’s rise to fame and popularity started in 1958 when a huge reserve of oil was discovered much of it in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. With this discovery, the economy boosted with the export of petroleum products which previously depended on pearl weaving and agriculture. With a population of just under 1.5 million, Abu Dhabi is the hub of various oil companies and international embassies spread across the entire length and breadth of the city of Abu Dhabi. Though Abu Dhabi lacks the pizzazz of Dubai, a lot of efforts were put into attracting the foreign direct investments and tourists by allowing foreigners to buy lands and restrictions on alcohols were lifted. Several gargantuan projects are underway like the formula 1 track and Ferrari theme park which is bound to attract a large number of visitors every year.

Popular and hypnotic spots to visit

In present times, Abu Dhabi’s prosperity is notable along the coastline where one finds a plethora of luxury hotels and yachts, landscaped parks which is bustling with foreign tourists and business travelers while preserving the Islamic heritage and Arabic root of the culture of UAE. The most frequent questions that keep buzzing among the group of novice Abu Dhabi tourists is – Why should one visit Abu Dhabi? Well, the question makes perfect sense and exhibits the curiosity and smart decision making capability of a tourist but unfortunately the answer can’t be provided in a single sentence or few informative and engaging phrases. Abu Dhabi offers a plethora of spots to extol to the travelers.

When we talk about one name that can be used to represent the glory of Abu Dhabi, there is no other option than the very own and popular Ferrari World. Ferrari World, which is made to pay tribute to Enzo Ferrari, is a bewitching park near Yas Island including lots of fun sport, rides, entertainment spots and much more. By contacting any local travel agency, one can gather sufficient information regarding ferrari world deals, ferrari world ticket, ferrari world timing and more stuff related to the park. The ferrari world abu dhabi makes a lot of center of attractions available inside it that include:


Few of the other most appreciated and eye-catching spots of Abu Dhabi are listed below that can definitely leave you agape if it is your first time in the beguiling city.

  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque – It is one of the most popular tourist attractions and is one of the largest mosques in UAE.
  • The Corniche – It is a spectacular waterfront which runs 6 KM from the breakwater front near the Marina shopping arcade up to Mina Zayed port.
  • The Flagpole – It is also one of the tallest in the whole of UAE and near the Flagpole one finds the heritage village which is a collection of dusty old buildings, traditional wooden boats and souvenir shops.
  • Qasr al-Hos – Apart from these globally recognized and eye-catching tourist spots Abu Dhabi has a lot more locations to cater the best dose for your expectations from this inviting Arabic city. The luxury localities and well-planned infrastructure of this Arabic sheikhdom are also worth cherishing. The city acquires many inviting parks with lots of greenery around. The popular Abu Dhabi Parks are:
  • The Lake Park
  • Heritage Park
  • Waterfront Park

Relish the warmth of bewitching deserts

Arabian deserts are quite popular in the world. Every year, a huge amount of tourists and professional photographers and filmmakers find the comfortable stay near the beautiful Arabian deserts. The mesmeric yellow and searing ambiance and the chilled local drinks is the perfect package to have fun while exploring the deserts.

Tourists can explore the two most popular deserts – Sweihan and Liwa Deserts in Abu Dhabi. These Deserts are few of the best gifts received from the nature. One can experience many adventure and fun activities here. Abu Dhabi offers a wide array of options to have fun around the desert areas. Arabian Nights Village is one of those regal options that you have. The wonderful place caters you with the true Arabian essence and offers you a memorable experience in total serenity. Arabian Nights Village offers you to choose different styles of accommodation after relishing the desert beauty in the daytime. The primary options available there include the tents, palm houses, Desert houses and The Fort Tower. The Arabian Nights Village is one good place to explore traditional Arabian cuisine that can be enjoyed while recalling the adventurous daytime safari and camel rides across the scorching sand dunes.

One can expect extreme fun while choosing the desert safari abu dhabi for excitement around the desert area of Abu Dhabi. Abu dhabi desert safari is like one of the true essences of Arabian land. One can’t just visit Abu Dhabi, do shopping, have kebabs and depart overlooking the desert camping and safari experience. Ride the giant 4×4 vehicle that will arrive near your accommodation location and take you to the bewitching desert spot. Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi can be enjoyed the most with family or a group of buddies. One can choose customized Desert Safari trip and standard safari trips with family or individually. The elevation and declination of the vehicle in the midst of the beautiful desert is simply breathtaking. The blowing golden sand due to the wind and the vehicle’s motion is a treat to the eyes. Camel rides, Dune bashing, Off-road driving, Sand boarding & skiing are also among the favorite activities of tourists in Abu Dhabi.  

Camping near the desert location is also a great experience in itself. While resting in the traditionally designed camps in Abu Dhabi will give you the feeling like vagabonds relishing the desert beauty. While enjoying the tranquil ambiance in the camps, you can enjoy your delectable Arabian barbeque and some local drinks as well. The hospitality offered at the desert camps of Abu Dhabi is worth appreciation. You will get lots of options to rest majestically in Abu Dhabi after being jaded due to the daytime adventure activities.  

Splash around the outrageously enticing seaside

Beach areas of Abu Dhabi provide a totally contrary ambiance in comparison to the desert spots. The adventure is simply stepped up when you get the cool sensation of the beach water and a captivating view comes in front of your eyes. While visiting Abu Dhabi, you can discover many public and club beaches there that comprise of hot but clear water. One can find the following major beaches in Abu Dhabi where a lot of water-adventures can be expected to add to the enjoyment of the metropolis tour.

  • Saadiyat Public Beach
  • Yas Beach
  • Corniche Beach
  • Mirfa Beach
  • Al Bateen Beach
  • Al Bateen Beach specially available for females

The beach clubs in Abu Dhabi are the perfect place to anticipate a gratifying leisure time. Cool drinks and comfortable fluffy bed to rest with the enticing beach view is simply a paradisal experience. A decent amount of crowd can be seen near the public beaches and diversity in the culture can also be witnessed there. However, if you love a peaceful ambiance and want to relish the beach experience more royally then you need to try the club beaches where world class amenities are arranged for the high profile and well-off tourists.

While visiting the beachside in Abu Dhabi, you can also take part in various fun and adventure activities like Aqua Biking, Bodyboarding, Cable Skiing, Deep sea fishing, Eskimo rolls, Flowboarding, Flyboarding, Flyfishing, crusing, diving and plenty of water-sports. Paying a reasonable amount of money, one can relish the marina fun as well in Abu Dhabi. The best Marinas in Abu Dhabi that must be on your trip-list are Yas Marina, Emirates Palace Marina, Al Bandar Marina, Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club and Ghantoot Marina.   

Islands to visit in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi islands add feathers to the Arabic beauty. The fresh and striking environs of the Islands are worth visiting. You can experience an amalgamation of wild life and mesmerizing natural scenario at the islands in Abu Dhabi. Some of the islands will showcase the real natural grandeur of Abu Dhabi while few are brilliantly organized. More or less, you will have good moments at the Abu Dhabi Islands and a different and serene part of the sheikhdom can also be witnessed there. The most popular Abu Dhabi islands include:

  • Yas Island
  • Sir Bani Island
  • Saadiyat Island
  • Al Maryahi Island
  • Reem Island
  • Nurai Island
  • Delma Island

Hotels in Abu Dhabi

When you are a guest in Abu Dhabi, the mesmeric sheikhdom offers you a myriad of options when it comes to hotels and accommodation.  There are several wonderful choices to stay in this beautiful city that range from budget accommodations to lavish 5 star abu dhabi hotels offering extravagantly world class amenities. The list of 5 star hotels and budget stays include:

  • J.W.Marriot,
  • Hyatt International,
  • Mafraq Hotel
  • Kingsgate Budget Hotel
  • Al Diar Mina
  • Premier Inn
  • Al Maha Arjaan Rotana
  • Novotel Abu Dhabi Al Bustan
  • Cristal

One can also explore many small budget rooms or studios that can be rented on a daily or a weekly basis. The Arabs never lack in hospitality when it comes to looking after their guests from abroad. One feels at ease and in his/her comfort zone when it comes to hospitality offered by the locals in the city. The inhabitants of Abu Dhabi are generally very gracious in nature and always willing to provide assistance to their valuable tourists. Though Abu Dhabi is an Islamic state but in order to attract more foreign tourists and investors, a lot of changes have been implemented like lifting a ban on alcohol and opening up night clubs in various parts of the city. Abu Dhabi has a diverse and multicultural society. The city’s cultural imprint as a small, ethnically homogeneous community was changed with the arrival of other ethnic groups and nationals—first by the in the early 1900s, and later by Indians and Pakistanis in the 1960s. Abu Dhabi has been criticized for perpetuating a class-based society. The hotels in this incredible Arabic land are the best options to spend money and anticipate worthwhile pleasure.

Culture and Heritage

The cutting-edge development of Abu Dhabi and the Arabic culture are two different things and both of them do not affect the excellence of each other. There is no single culture that rules the spectacular sheikdom. One can discover a wide array of cultures or simply call it a cocktail of cultures while being on the rocking abu dhabi city tour. Different communities arriving here in the history found the inception of different cultural era in Abu Dhabi. The city welcomes different communities along with their religious values. One can find the spiritual places of the inhabitants of different religions alongside the mosques. Unlike many Arabic cities, Abu Dhabi avoids the fierce religious and communal intolerance that ultimately helps the economic and social growth of the place. The way of dressing of Abu Dhabi people still has traditional touch but their lifestyle has flowed with the time. People visit abu dhabi malls for shopping and prefer trying new tastes in the popular restaurants every weekend. The two famous and appreciated boutiques of the city include – Shisha and Qahwa. Cultural foundation and National Theater are two epitomes of cultural essence in Abu Dhabi. The other recognized and vital cultural spots in Abu Dhabi include:

  • Emirates Foundation
  • Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre

Abu Dhabi is also known for its arts and poetry essence. Being an Islamic place, the poetry is one of the strongest literary sections among the native inhabitants. There have been many good poets emerged from the city and made buzz in the Arabic cultural environment. The cultural foundation of the city provides enough support to the potential talents to give their capabilities a phenomenal pace to bring into highlights.  

Shopping & Lifestyle

When it comes to the sheikhdom or Emirati lifestyle, no community can beat its lavishness and majesticness. Abu Dhabi is actually not only centered to Sheikh Communities. A wise array of outsiders arrive the sheikhdom to make a decent living by getting involved with grand businesses established here. The Abu Dhabi businesses are divided into two parts – business run by natives as well as business run by the outsider communities. The city welcomes lots of tourists every month and many expats can also be seen relishing the scorching hot summer fun. The native people of Abu Dhabi are very broadminded. The basic source of earning of native Abu Dhabi folks is from oil related businesses. Restaurants and hotels are also one of the major areas where the affluent communities of Abu Dhabi place their venture. The Sheikh community’s men and women can be seen in traditional apparel. A big difference can also be seen in the hobbies and interests of Abu Dhabi native people. They live in today and plan the future later when they are done with the fun and entertainment. Abu Dhabi people are interested in cultural activities as well.

Shopping is something that needs to be mentioned while describing the grandness of Abu Dhabi. There are umpteen big and medium level shopping centers located in different vicinities of the city. Some shops will have different from normal shopping center hours supermarkets may open 0800 or 0900 to midnight. Fridays can be confusing with some shops only opening at 4 o clock in the afternoon, while others are open from 10 o clock. Specific information is given in the list of Dubai and UAE shopping malls below, but timings can vary. As a general rule, shops are open 1000-2200 Saturday to Thursday, 2pm or 4pm to 10am or 12pm on Fridays, and some of the larger shopping centers open late on Thursday-Saturday (from 10am-12pm). Busy times are Friday afternoons and evenings (almost everyone has Fridays off) and Thursday evenings. Other evenings are not quiet though. Mornings are the best time to avoid crowds.

Malls and shopping centers

As more and more shopping malls are built in Dubai, residents wonder why another shopping mall is required. And yet, as soon as a brand new one is opened, it seems to fill up very quickly. To enjoy a wander through a shopping mall, pay a visit  to Mercato in Jumeirah to get a taste of an Italian market or Ibn Battuta Mall to know about a bit of history about the famous (he’s even on Wikipedia) Arabian traveller and have a coffee in the most fabulous Starbucks in Dubai. Of course The Dubai Mall is not to be missed – there are enough attractions in the area to easily last for a day or two even if you don’t do any shopping. One can discover a plenty of trendy gadgets as well as modish apparel under a single roof. Abu Dhabi’s malls justify their grand infrastructure through the availability of various products from different parts of the globe. One thing that Abu Dhabi malls promise to the buyers is authenticity. You will not get ripped off by the flashy stores. The most popular malls of Abu Dhabi include:

  • DCC – Deidra City Center (or Centre)
  • GLA – Gross Leasable Area – means retail shopping area,  that doesn’t include car parks etc
  • IBM – Ibn Battuta Mall
  • MAF – Conglomerate of UAE companies, chairman is Majid Al Futtaim. MAF Shopping Malls is a shopping mall development body.
  • MOE – Mall of the Emirates, Ministry of Education

A small highlight to Abu Dhabi Cuisine

One can’t simply overlook the Abu Dhabi’s Emirati cuisine and praise various attributes of this city. The guests are greeted warmly with camel milk mixed with cinnamon upon arrival and looked well after with 24 hours butler service in the hotels. The local cuisine includes hummus which is an admixture of chic peas and falafel which is a type of vegetable cutlet amongst other delicacies which include camel meat. After a hearty meal one can enjoy hookah which actually has it’s roots date back to the ancient times. The hotels and restaurants in Abu Dhabi are run by both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities. The government doesn’t allow the selling of pork meat everywhere and distributed among the Muslims. The trading of pork meet and alcohol need special permit and specific locations in the city. The most scrumptious dishes that one can expect while staying in Abu Dhabi includes:

  • Shwarma
  • Lamb Kebab sticks
  • Stuffed Camel
  • Kabsa
  • Khabees
  • Al Harees
  • Hummus
  • Al Machboos

Abu Dhabi is one of the most visited and cherished Arabic tour destinations. The city offers extreme fun and lots of magnificent spots to relish in less area. The budget oriented and luxury tour options are always available for the tourists when they approach to any travel agency in abu dhabi . Good things have their own price and Abu Dhabi is one of the best examples of the phrase. For a memorable and royal trip with your family to the majestic land of mirage, you will need a decent budget but the ecstasies in return are unlimited for sure. The city provides you all the possible amenities that too of superior grade. You can explore best hospitals, shopping centers, schools, colleges, business empires and may commercial institutions. The most common route taken by the tourists while visiting Abu Dhabi is the Abu Dhabi-Dubai route. One can easily find luxurious abu dhabi to dubai bus.

Visiting Abu Dhabi is like lifetime experience that can be narrated into the tales again and again. The more you spend time in the royal land, the more you fall for it and become addicted to its grandeur. The city and its lifestyle establish a strong bond with the tourists and give them a good reason to visit again. Tourism sector of Abu Dhabi is one of the major sources of economy of the place and a plethora of tourist places in abu dhabi are there to make the visit to the city worthwhile. Every bit of the city is beautiful and worth spending time and money. The real Islamic beauties are portrayed by Abu Dhabi and few more Arabic locations. If you are still in the state of dilemma where you have other touring options in your list, just keep the list in your cupboard’s drawer and get set to fly to Abu Dhabi as no destination on this planet can surpass the excellence of the city.