Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

The Complete Desert Safari Experience

Dubai has numerous attractions ranging from huge malls, the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Museum and many more. Dubai also has a host of activities in which tourists can indulge. One such activity is the Dubai Desert Safari which is a complete and fulfilling experience of its own.

If you are an adventurer or just love to explore all aspects of culture, the Desert Safari is the perfect option. You can book a Desert Safari to get a thrilling experience. A typical package includes pick up from your preferred place. You can choose from amongst various types of Safari options.

If experiencing an adrenaline rush is your prime motive, the morning desert safari is for you. The package includes pick up in a 4X4 vehicle post which you are made to travel to the red sandy desert of Dubai. The expert and licensed drivers will make you indulge in dune bashing for a session lasting 30- 40 minutes. The dune bashing experience is full of thrill and will leave you asking for more. Post the session, you can indulge in optional activities like camel riding, Quad biking, sand skating or simply enjoy the morning sun over the desert. The morning safari is a delight for photography enthusiasts as it provides an opportunity to click pictures of scenic desert views.

If you plan to spend a leisurely evening, the Evening Desert Safari Dubai is a good option. The package includes a pick up in a 4X4 vehicle and a subsequent session of dune bashing in the desert. Post dune bashing you are transferred to a camp site where you can enjoy refreshments like soft drinks and the traditional Arabic coffee and dates. Entertainment options include a Belly dance and various other cultural dance performances. You can also opt for the optional camel ride or Quad biking. Post the entertainment, you are treated to a sumptuous barbeque dinner which will tantalize your taste buds. The evening safari also gives an opportunity to view the sun going down in the sands of Dubai. After the tour, you will be dropped off to your pick up point.

Those who may want a complete experience of a Bedouin culture may opt for an overnight safari. The Safari has all the inclusions of an evening safari along with an opportunity to spend a night in the sands of Dubai. The overnight safari places tourists in camps that have all essential bedding items. You can marvel at the beauty of the desert during the night by opting for an overnight safari. In the morning, you are treated to a wholesome breakfast and dropped off to your pick up point. Optional activities like camel riding, Quad biking and sand skating may also be considered during the overnight safari.

The Desert Safari promises an amazing experience and is definitely not worth a miss.