Dubai Dhow Cruise

Cruise Along The Waters of Dubai

Dubai has much to offer in terms of tourist attractions. Ranging from the modern buildings to the views of the older areas of Dubai, the city has it all. If you want to experience both the buzzing new Dubai and the charm of Old Dubai, Dubai Dhow Cruise is your best bet. The cruise offers an amazing experience and provides an opportunity to witness the delightful scenes of Dubai. The cool evening weather and the gentle breeze compliment the experience.

Dubai Dhow Cruise

A typical Dubai Dhow Cruise package includes many attractions, activities and mouth-watering dishes that are bound to tickle your taste buds. You can enjoy a sumptuous meal watching the glittering scenes of Dubai. The cruise is a fascinating way to catch a glimpse of Dubai. The tours arranged are usually affordable and can suit all budgets. These factors make the cruise a preferred choice among tourists.

The view of the glittering lights falling on the sea water is truly mesmerizing. The stunning views offered make the Dhow cruise a perfect option for a romantic date. You can enjoy a quiet and cosy dinner with your loved one under the star studded sky and in the midst of the sea. The cruise will definitely help you create some unforgettable memories and moments. The melodious tunes played by the live band in the background create a perfect romantic ambience. The Dhow in itself is so beautifully decorated with colourful lights that the charm of it will leave you spell bound.

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The menu comprises an assortment of international and local cuisines which are served with extreme hospitality by well behaved staff. The experience is mesmerizing and will remain engraved in your memory forever.