Relish your stay in the majestic land of Dubai

Relish your stay in the majestic land of Dubai

Ahlan Wa Sahlan to the regal and mesmeric land of Dubai. This is the perfect place to know the affluent and bewitching city in a better manner and understands the local lifestyle and the things to do while visiting UAE territories for the first time. If you are geared up to fly for Dubai, you must know few vital things about the city so that you don’t miss any adventure and excitement there.

Dubai is one of the most popular Gulf locations in the world that welcomes hundreds of tourists every month to experience the wealthy and royal hospitality of the city. Dubai is the most densely inhabited city of UAE that flaunts its affluent lifestyle and unparalleled prosperity in every possible manner. If you are expecting to relish classy moments with your loved ones or being alone in the lavish environs of Dubai, the well-off city will offer you that kind of pleasure which will be beyond your expectations and totally worthwhile. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are the most recognized and frequently visited places of UAE and one can expect all the possible superior amenities at these places. Dubai is a mesmeric metropolis location that has risen as a huge global business giant in the past few years. The city provides employment and accommodation to a plethora of outsiders leading to the exponential business and economy growth every year. The extremely developed city is open of the biggest import and export hub of the world. Above everything, the affluent city is globally known for its extravagantly huge oil storage and enjoyable camel rides in the scorching summer. If you wallet is heavy enough to afford the lavish amenities of the UAE metropolis, you must visit Dubai once in your lifetime and we bet that you will get addicted to the lifestyle and the heartwarming hospitality of the city.

Eye catching Dubai spots

There is no dearth of spots that can leave you agape while heading for the city exploration in Dubai. The luxurious lifestyles of the Sheikhs, availability of costliest spices, the extreme flow of money in the giant businesses, world class medical organizations and many more things are there in Dubai that are definitely jaw-dropping. Dubai is a wealthy city and it never misses a single chance to flaunt its affluence. The most popular and attractive spots in Dubai include:

  • Burj Khalifa: Burj Khalifa is the epitome of global skyscrapers. The tower holds a height of 2,722 ft. which is basically the tallest among all the towers built in the world till today. A selfie at Burj Khalifa with your honey or lovable family or the crazy pals will surely add to your reputation.
  • Aquaventure Waterpark: The most popular water park of Dubai provides you the apex enjoyment of riding and sliding leaving your worries at the entrance way of the park. The park will bring a smile on the faces of kids, adults and the aged.
  • Wild Wadi Water Park: Wild Wadi Water Park is also a famous and highly cherished water park based in Dubai that provides all the fun sources inside to make the moments memorable.
  • Dubai Marina Yacht Club:  Experience the modern marina and clubhouse at Dubai Marina Yacht Club. One of the best places to spend money to buy happiness. The marina and clubhouse are located in the downtown New Dubai and is the perfect place to arrange professional conferences, a happy supper and an adventurous yachting experience. It is one of the spots that adds to the grandeur and reputation of the astonishing Dubai.
  • Miracle Garden: The perfect place to spend some quality moments with your Valentine. You can literally experience the love in the air while being in the miracle garden. The scenario of over 45 million fresh and fragrant flowers swaying to and fro in order to welcome you will steal your heart for sure.
  • Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo: The apex of marine life beauty can be witnessed at Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo. The 10 million litre tank allowing over 33000 marine creatures to dwell in totally justifies being the largest water tank in the world. The aquarium and zoo are located inside the Dubai Mall. It is indeed a great opportunity to discover a myriad of marine creature assortments at a single place, that too in a grand manner.  
  • Bur Dubai Abra Dock: The Bud Dubai Abra Dock is situated in one of the highly commercial vicinity of Dubai. While visiting the grand dock, one can also relish the nearby shopping, entertainment and the Ghubaiba Metro Station. Plenty of boats can be seen at the dock moving in different directions.
  • Meydan Racecourse:  It is impossible to visit Dubai and overlook its grand horse racing. Meydan Racecourse arranges horse racing at a big level and accommodates a plenty of spectators as well. The racecourse also includes restaurants, hotels and a museum.  
  • Marina Beach: Explore the fun and adventure activities in the most popular beach of Dubai – Marina Beach, one of the best gifts of nature to Dubai. Marina beach usually remains jam packed with the tourists throughout the year. A memorable family holiday can be expected at the Dubai Marina Beach. A wide range of lavish hotels and restaurants can be easily reached from the beach and all the basic communications are also available at a short distance from the beach.   
  • Emirates Towers: Two of the tallest buildings in the world lie inside the Emirates Towers. The towers are located in the downtown Dubai and basically represent the affluent city on the global standards. A plethora of floors can be found in the office and hotel towers. A beautiful surrounding and a big parking area can also be expected around the Emirates Towers.

Hotels in Dubai

The sky touching and multistoried luxury hotels in Dubai add a feather to Dubai’s magnificence. The best possible cuisine and accommodation in the world can be anticipated inside the grand Dubai-based hotels. Dubai hotels offer you the most majestic and delectable dishes of the world that are extremely appreciated and loved by the global tourists. When you are inside a grand Dubai-based hotel, you will be treated like an emperor and the hotel appears like your realm. The word ‘economic’ is neither used nor known by the Dubai inhabitants. If you are loaded with a decent amount of money, you are welcome to Dubai hotels for a lifetime experience. The fragrance of royal Kebabs, cool breezes near the lavish pools, ultra-modern and luxury suites, a special arrangement of dance forms and singing performances showcasing the grand Arabian culture and many more things are there to elevate the niche of Dubai-based hotels on the global graph. Most of the A-grade Dubai hotels are located near the corporate and financial institutions of the city that are definitely a plus point for the corporate guests visiting Dubai for Bleisure purposes i.e’ Business + Leisure purposes. The top rated and most luxurious hotels (in line with the latest UAE survey) of Dubai include:

  • The Palace Downtown Dubai
  • Armani Hotel Dubai
  • The Meydan Hotel
  • Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah
  • Grand Hyatt Dubai
  • Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel
  • Dar Al Masyaf at Madinat Jumeirah
  • Al Bustan Rotana Hotel
  • Atlantia The Palm DubaiBurj Al Arab
  • Grosvenor House Dubai
  • The H Hotel Dubai

Shopping in Dubai

Shopping is the best remedy for stress. Especially, when you are in the grand realm of Dubai, you encounter with the most lavish shopping complexes and malls in the world, standing tall in the downtown and making the tourists amazed with their classy designing. It Is not like you will find an alien world inside the Dubai-based shopping centers but when you will enter inside, you will definitely be surprised to witness the innovative and marvelous interior designing of the stores and the interconnected ways. You can even come across some waterways which take you from one corner of the shopping center to another. There is nothing in the world that can’t be expected in the top-rated malls and shopping complexes of Dubai. Ranging from traditional and classical vesture to the contemporary garb; all categories of branded clothing are available in Dubai shopping centers. State-of-the-art technology adds to the value of the top shopping centers. Many of the Dubai-based top rated malls are basically Theme Malls based on a specific and unique concept to make the tourists’ and the native inhabitants’ shopping experience superior. The peak of Arabian architecture can be clearly seen in these malls. The most popular malls and shopping complexes in Dubai include:

  • Mercato – A classy mall for classical and modern culture loving folks. The finest example of Arabian architecture and lavishness. Movies, café, fun games for kids, world class branded products, art pieces from different parts of the world and much more is present inside the mesmeric mall.
  • Wafi Mall – Wafi Mall makes the Arabian as well as global artifacts and art pieces available in its superior stores. The mall has plenty of creatively designed stores. You can explore items related to technology, lifestyle, health, fun and entertainment and other categories here.
  • Dubai Mall – Dubai Mall is one of the globally recognized malls that link the modern and classical essence together. Over 1200 stores can be found in the mall making your shopping decision really tough. You will find every single thing attractive here that will initiate an urge to buy every possible thing that comes in front of your eyes. From casual products to the aquarium and precious stone collection; you will witness everything inside the Dubai Mall.
  • Mall of the Emirates – Mall of the Emirates is a unique experience in itself. Calling it a mall or shopping centre will be an understatement. This mall is a combo of fun, entertainment and shopping. You can also enjoy the Ski-Dubai while visiting the mall. There are lots of cutting edge stores inside the mall having all kinds of products for different customers.
  • Burjuman Centre – A lavish outdoor feeling along with the availability of world’s best and costliest brands can be experienced inside the Burjuman Centre. This is the perfect place for fashionista tourists. All the sizzling and trending fashion attires can be found in the luxury stores of Burjuman Centre.
  • Deira City Centre – The mall provides an overall all-type shopping experience with gratifying services from the store owners. You will be treated more than just a buyer here. Also, the prices for all kinds of products are genuine here.   
  • Jumeirah Plaza – Shopping then hotel; hotel then shopping – like this way, you can easily enjoy the shopping experience with all the primary and well-known hotels of Dubai located nearby the Jumeirah Plaza. This is a great advantage of visiting a shopping mall in the commercial location or the downtown.
  • Al Ghurair Centre – Style, accessories, brands and appearance are the few major words that define Al Ghurair Centre. Leaving the whole damn world, if voguish apparels and accessories catch your attention – Al Ghurair is the perfect place for you.
  • Ibn Battuta Mall – This is a creatively designed themed shopping mall. The parts, in which the whole mall is divided into, reflects the exploration of Ibn Battuta, the legend who explored many Arabic parts and the cultural aspects. You can find any category of product inside the mall and enjoy the classical architecture as well while doing the shopping.

Dubai desert safari

Last but not the least; Dubai Dessert Safari is the perfect way to say Masalamah to the Dubai’s bewitching realm. The safari tour will add some extra happiness to your Dubai-journey memories. Dubai tour is incomplete without the Safari tours in the scorching daylight and on the hot-as-hell sand. The hard-core adventure while visiting Dubai lies in the dessert safari only. After getting some rest in the afternoon while staying in one of the lavish hotels of Dubai, you can anticipate a certified driver to pick you from your hotel entrance and land you to the exciting and hot Dubai deserts. With the fetching view of the sunset, you can explore the desert areas with your friends, family or loved ones. The most enthralling stuff to enjoy while choosing a safari tour includes:

–    Dune bashing

–    Sand boarding or sand skiing on the dunes

–    Take pictures while camel riding

–    Enjoy refreshments at the camps located in the deserts

–    Cultural program displaying Arabic culture and art forms

–    Local traditional shopping

–    Phenomenal dessert cuisine arrangement

A trip to Dubai can’t be explained in a single word. The merry-go-round experience just sticks with the memories and brings smile often on the face. A Dubai trip is one of the best investments one can ever do in his/her lifetime. Here you just not enjoy the hypnotic beauty of the city, but you take memories home related to a plethora of traditional, cultural, modern and emotional aspects. Enter Dubai with an open soul and mind so that you can return home by filling them with amazing memories.