East Coast Tour

East Coast Tour Dubai

The Eastern Coast in the UAE consists of a small area situated between the Musandam Peninsula Oman and surrounding areas of Muscat. The famous towns of the area include Dibba, Fujairah, Masafi, Kalba and Khor Fakkan which provides access to the Shark Island. Fujairah constitutes a part of the 7 emirates that make up the UAE and is supposedly the fifth largest among them. It is the lone emirate that is located alongside the Oman Gulf. Another interesting fact about Fujairah is that unlike the other emirates, it is not surrounded with sandy deserts. Instead, it is a green village surrounded by mountains.

The 60 km log east coast strip consists of the famous Hajjar Mountains. The mountains attract many tourists. These mountains demarcate Fujairah from the other areas. While taking an east coast tour, tourists can enjoy the picturesque views of wadis or canyons and giant sized rocks. The brilliant beach islands and the eastern coral reefs are truly worth a watch. The clean beaches provide an opportunity to indulge in various kinds of water sports including deep sea fishing, yachting, surfing, swimming and diving. Fujairah also has a large number of museums that depict the history of Arabs. The oasis or wadis in Fujairah are famous across the globe.

The east coast tour provides an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty away from the buzzing city life. During the tour, tourists are provided with numerous opportunities for photography. The scenic views of mountains and greenery provide an apt background to click pictures.

The stops at Al Dhaid are a perfect spot to photograph the strawberry gardens and palm lands. The stoppages at Masafi, Dibba and Bidayah offer a unique opportunity to witness and understand the Arab culture. You can also shop for local made pottery items, carpets and Persian rugs from the various local souks.