Hatta Wadi Trip

Experience The Real Arabic Culture

The Hatta Wadi trip offers an incredible experience. Visitors can get the combined experience of mountains and deserts during the tour. The trip makes tourists travel along the desert, ancient villages and the 16th century Portuguese fort to Hatta. The Wadi trails offer an adventurous ride and the dried riverbeds along the Hajjar Mountains are truly worth a watch. The pools with blue water provide tourists an opportunity to dive and enjoy the associated thrill. You can book an optional tour to the Hatta Fort Hotel during the tour and enjoy a mouthwatering lunch.

The Hatta Wadi Trip originates from Dubai and covers a distance of over 100 km through the red sands to reach Hatta. The off road adventure is exciting and tourists can also enjoy visiting the famous camel rock. This provides a perfect point for photography. The journey then continues through fossil rocks to reach the valley at Madham which has the famous Hatta Mountains. The tour also includes Wadi bashing and a trip to the heritage village and carpet market.

The 4WD vehicles used during the trip offer an amazing ride. During the ride, tourists also get the rare opportunity to witness life in the desert including grazing camels and Bedouin tents. The interesting thing to watch during the trip is the changing color of the sand dunes. You can also take the opportunity to enjoy a camel ride during the trip.

The journey further progresses to the Hatta Oasis from the mountains. The various villages surrounded by numerous palm trees offer incredible views. The tour provides an opportunity to escape the buzzing city life and enjoy some quiet time. The Hatta Dam was one of the first dams in UAE and supplies water to major areas eve today. Post the tour you are dropped off to your pick up point. The tour promises a unique experience and is a must try for every visitor to UAE.

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