Soar In The Sky And Enjoy Beautiful Views Of Dubai

A helicopter tour Dubai offers a unique and mind blowing experience. You can hover over the majestic city of Dubai and see from the height the amazing landmarks. It offers a one of its kind experience for the entire family. While on a helicopter tour, see the majestic views of the Burj Al Arab and the Burj Khalifa. The aerial tours allow you to see Dubai in a totally new light.

Video Source – Helidubai

A typical helicopter tour Dubai may last from 12 to 22 minutes. During the short span of time you get a chance to experience Dubai like never before. During the tour you are made to fly in the sky from where you can catch a glimpse of the famous Palm and the World Islands. The beautiful views are truly mesmerizing. The ground staff who help in the operation of the tours are friendly and will guide you regarding the safety aspects.

The tour departs from the helipad located at the Palm Atlantis. From here you soar up into the sky to admire the views of Dubai. Each helicopter usually has 6 seats which include 3 window ones which provide the best views. The helicopter takes you over the Arabian Gulf Coastline towards the Golden Mile. In between all the iconic attractions of Dubai are covered. After the tour you are flown back to the Palm Atlantis and subsequently dropped off to your pick up point.