Interesting Places To Visit In Sharjah And Ajman

Sharjah, the capital city of UAE consists of a number of tourist attractions. For art and culture lovers, Sharjah provides endless exploration opportunities. From the Heritage area to the Art Museum, Sharjah never fails to delight tourists. You can take a combined Sharjah and Ajman city tour to witness the cultural heritage of UAE. The main places of interest during the tour include:

Sharjah Arts Museum

This is the biggest Art Museum in UAE which opened its doors to tourists in 1997. The exhibits includes artwork from the exclusive collection of the ruler of the city of Sharjah. The museum is spread across three floors and consists of72 galleries which exhibit artworks of the painters of Middle East.

Central market

The central market in Sharjah is a popular tourist destination. The Blue Souk consists of deep blue tile work and consists of approximately 600 shops. Shoppers can buy diverse items like electronics, food, clothing, perfume, carpets, antiques and jewelry. Shopping in Blue Souk is one of the best things to do in Sharjah.

Islamic Civilization museum

This is a perfect spot for people who wish to dwell deep into Islamic culture. Various Islamic manuscripts and artwork is displayed in the museum.  Exhibits of glass, pottery, clay and coin collections make the museum a place not to be missed while in Sharjah.

Desert Park and Natural History Museum

The Desert Park and Natural history museum in Sharjah offers knowledge about the natural habitat of the desert of Arabia. Various types of animals in the Children’s farm hold the attention of children. The Geology hall narrates the evolution of life on the earth through audio visual presentations.

Khor Fakkan

This is one of the many popular places in Sharjah. The picturesque container port attracts many tourists and the surrounding areas are frequented by divers. The famous diving spot Shark Island and Rifaisa Dam are frequented by many tourists.

Ajman enjoys a fabulous coastline running along the Gulf of Arabia and consists of many attractions like traditional souks, pristine beaches and old houses and forts. The other attractions of Ajman include:

Ajman Museum

The 18th century museum is a popular tourist attractions of Ajman. The museum has archaeological artifacts, old weapons, manuscripts and depictions of traditional Arabic life.

Dhow Yard

The Dhow Yard of Ajman attracts many tourists. Dhows are traditional Arabic vessels that were used by Arabs to travel in water. The yard consists of the finest quality Dhows and exhibit master craftsmanship.


This is an archeological site that was discovered accidently. The tomb reflects the building style that was prevalent in 2500 BC. The Ajman museum contains many copper implements, stamp seals and beads that were discovered during the excavation of Mowaihat.

The Red Fort

The fort has four rooms with walls covered with red plaster. Positioned among heritage sites, the fort is like a hidden treasure. Its sandal wood beams give it a unique experience.