Sharjah Tour

Sharjah, one of the emirates, is dedicatedly focused towards tourism. Yes, there are many other names that attract your attention but at times the non-advertised ones have the best to offer. The place is wonderfully exotic as you may yourself imagine because it is about to attract nearly 10 million tourists in the times to come. The figure is not small; there must be something that the people are attracted towards too. Read further to know more.

Rolla square

Rolla is the name of the banyan tree that was first planted in the 1800. The name has been taken from that. The tree existed for one and a half century i.e. till 1978. Long back in the history, people from:-

  • Dubai
  • Ajman
  • Other Emirates

Gathered here on the occasion of Eid, celebrate national day and many more such special occasions. Though what existed in the past is almost gone, the space is now developed and turned into a park that has got fountains and lagoons. If you have children with you, the place is fun to be at.


The fort has got a museum that is spectacular. The entire credit goes to the present Sheikh, as he has dedicatedly preserved the monument in the best possible way. If you want to visit ‘history’ visit the fort and the see the museum, imagine how it looked years back.


While you travel to Sharjah from Kuwait, you do cross a roundabout that is spectacular to see. The roundabout has a history.

There were times when UAE was not that advanced when it came to education, jobs, and other such amenities. This was the reason that made UAE nationals shift to Kuwait in search of these. But! When you see today, you will find, UAE is better than Kuwait in many reasons, and same applies to Sharjah.

The roundabout is not just a structure of concrete; it has history to speak about. Fascinating, right!


The souk is a central market place. It is also known as Central souk / twin souk/ Old gold souk. It is an indoor shopping place that was opened in 1979. It is located close to Khalid lagoon. The market has got nearly 600 shops and the two building are connected through an enclosed walkway. The eastern section has got antiques, gifts and varied forms of electronic gadgets. The western side has got features like jewelry. It is totally your call what you want to do and shop. The options are tremendous. After all 600 shops are not less.

Al Mahattan Fort

The fort today is nearly a century old. It was built by the then ruler to give protection to passengers and the staff of imperial airways. The place was a stop for the passengers travelling from Baghdad to Jodphur and also for the ones travelling form Croydon to Brisbane. Today, if you visit the fort, what you get to see is the aviation museum that is best in the world.

Other places to see are

  • National park
  • Aquarium
  • Wildlife center

Eye catching points in Sharjah

Tour In Sharjah

Fun Things To DO In Sharjah

There are times when the not advertised ones are the best. For instance not many know that Ireland is the best European country for tourism purpose, but places like England and such are so very dominant and have grabbed so much of attention that Ireland is hardly thought about. It serves to eh benefit of Ireland as there are lesser visitors and the place simply awesomely fantabulous.

Same is the factor that is played with Sharjah. Yes, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the most advertised ones, but indeed Sharjah has got plenty to offer its visitors. Sharjah is not just a place where people live and go to their respective works from there; it has got abundance to offer.

Sharjah is the Pearl Of The Gulf. It is the only member of the Emirate family that has got land both on Arabian as well as Gulf of Oman.


Sightseeing is breath taking in Sharjah. There are several heritage spots to visit. The government there has indeed focused on the development of the city for tourism purposes. The city is best for the people who wish to visit with families. Kids will enjoy the most here. Do not feel sad- there are fun activities for grownups too. Some are mentioned below for your perusal.

Al qasba

It has got bouquet of fun activities to do. You imagine the recreation activity and 90 % chances are it is there for your entertainment. Plenty of cafes, restaurants, stalls, varieties of performances and concerts are all there for you. So it is time to let lose, visit Al qasba for a day spend full of fun and enjoyment.

Did you know! There is boating activity too!

Skycrapers to wonderfully bridges are all there for you.

Do you like observatory wheels! Al qasba is the place for you. The wheel is 60 meters high and comprises of 42 air conditioned goldolas. The view that you get to see from the top is spectacular. The best time to go there is in the evening. Later on, you may plan a walk at the mall.


Al Majaz Waterfront

It is very much same as Marina walk of Dubai. It is the best night time hangout for the ones who love water. The area is nice for walking along and there are several cafes for you and your family to enjoy your time in.

You may be from any continent of the world; you will find some café to quench the craving for your home country food.

The time that you visit in, if it November to March, you are the winner.


Sharjah Heritage Area

This area is approximately two centuries old. This is the place where you get to see the traditional lifestyle of the people of Sharjah.

Very close to the traditional living of Sharjah lie the museums. They are full of memories for all of you to relive them again.


Mosques for Muslims are the personal areas. Not all are allowed inside. Al Noor mosque is the first mosque that was opened for the Non- Muslims. Through this way many visitors may relive the culture and religion that is followed by the native people of Sharjah.

Arabian Wildlife Centre

Zoo, the term is not entertained well by the people of Sharjah. But! if you wish to enjoy the natural habitat of the animals and see them there, then this is the place for you. The place has got animals which are otherwise getting extinct. Reptiles, mammals and insects, all are found here.


Sharjah Aquarium

The synonym for Sharjah Aquarium is, fantasy. You may also give it a name- spectacular. Tropical fish, turtles, sharks and many more aquatic lives, all you get to see here.

Golf and Shooting Club

Want to keep your adrenaline rush under control- This is the place for you.

Shopping In Sharjah

Shopping and UAE are synonyms to each other. Of all the emirates countries, Sharjah has got the best to offer. Boutiques- souks- bazaars, you get everything and anything here. Whether you are seeking the following:-

  • Oriental carpets
  • Electronics
  • Handicrafts
  • Sweets
  • Dry fruits

You get everything here.

If you wish to discover and experience treasures and wish to enjoy shopping, there are plenty of places you may go to and get unbelievable discounts.

One bright aspect is, shopping in Sharjah is indeed fun and shipping is free. If you buy branded goods and handicrafts then it gets all the more fun filled. Prices are never to bargain, they are fixed if you shop in malls. If you wish to enjoy, every second of shopping in Sharjah, visit souks.

Shopping festival

The place is awesomely fantabulous. For tourists it is all the more fun. Every year, during the month of Ramdhan, the malls and big shops go in for heavy discounts for the merchandise they keep in their shops. You want a good deal: visit during the month of Ramadhan.

Summer festival

Summer it is! Sharjah is perfect!

When you visit UAE and the season is summer, The place has got 10 weeks of fun and entertainment. From the beginning of the month of June, the fun element begins. This festival runs parallel to the Dubai Shopping festival.

Promotional events, discounts, real impressive merchandise, bets of deals, height of entertainment and many more, all you get to see in the season of summer. After all you are reading about Sharjah Summer Festival for best of experience while shopping in Sharjah.

Spring festival

Thousands to millions of tourists travel to Sharjah annually. It begins in the month of January. Nearly 1700 outlets are opened on this occasion. There is tremendous variety of options to shop from. Yes! There is discounts and scheme given along with what you buy. The main aim of this festival is simple; attract tourists who know how to appreciate art and culture. In simple words- Invite people like you.


The city has tremendous variety of shopping places. The sight is very vivid as there is scattering of numerous shops on every side of yours. When you think of souk, there is one product sold in different forms. I.e. the variety is too much. From time to time, the city takes the effort to keep them well maintained. After all treasuring what lies in history is very relaxing. It is indeed very romantic!


Since the city is not famous that much, that is why shopping destinations are not famous too. The malls here are very beautiful and good to visit. The malls are not just made for shopping but for excellent experiences to have. Modern conveniences, parking space, banks, availability of cabs and many more features to expand.

Sharjah Mega Mall

This mall is famous for its beautiful ambience. This mall has around 150 retail outlets. They are spread over three floors. The shopping opportunities are awesomely varied. It is a place of leisure, fun and entertainment. Cinemas have the latest movie exhibited and theme parks keep you busy to the core. Food court is very nice as the shops, options and variety is too much.

Sahara center

It is situated on the Dubai-Sharjah highway. It is one of the city’s unquestionable major landmarks. It has international brands, finest boutiques and the best of offerings to offer. The number of shops is more than 190. Cosmetics, jewelry, home furnishings, all are found here.

Sharjah City center mall

It is locates on Al Wahda road, right at the heart of the city. It is a place of leisure and a destination for fun filled entertainment. Ever since it started, it now houses nearly 114 retail outlets. Fashion, electrical and many more things are found here.

Amiri international agencies

This mall is slightly different. It sells high quality textile, perfumes and famous brands to its visitors / customers.

Book mall

Are you a book worm? If yes, then this is the place for you. The shop has books in English and Arabic. It also offers internet and fax services at reasonable prices. It started operating in 1997. It is a very good place for you if you have children with you. This mall has a team that engages them into coloring and keeps them busy while you shop for books.


Hotel in Sharjah

Hilton Hotel

Hilton at Sharjah is located at the prime location of the city. It provides the residents with the magnificent view of the Khalid lagoon and the skyline of the city from almost room it has made for its guests. If you are staying at this hotel then Al Qasba- The entertainment zone is at the walking distance from here. A shuttle ride via the private beach will not take more than 10 minutes. You may enquire from the webpage.

Pros of staying at Hilton Hotel

  • Airport is very close from here; you need not to worry about your flights
  • The amenities are premium; there is Wifi and many more such features
  • There are specialized rooms for special occasions. Like A/V rooms for conferences
  • The Al Dallah lounge- simply sit back and relax without worries
  • There are water parks
  • What are you waiting for, make your bookings today

Ramadah Sharjah

The hotel has been awarded for the class of services it offers to its visitors. Whether you are here for vacation or for some business purpose, the hotel is best for both. The hotel has the provision of apartment sort of settings. Try them, it is fun.

Sahara center, one of the premium malls of the city, is just at a 10 mintures drive from the hotel. The hotel is located closer to Sharjah and Dubai International Airports. The travel convenience does affect the choice of hotel. Ramadah is the best. See what suits you.


There are furnished apartments inside the hotel for you to relax in sheer privacy. The amenities in these apartments are modern like WIfi and LCD television. You may make it a perfect family tour through facilities such. For the simple reason, there is extra privacy.

Golden Tulip

Very close to Khalid lagoon and Al Majaz water front, the hotel has spectacular views for its residents. The Apartment feature of the hotel is only at 15 minutes drive from the Airport. The Amphitheater is at the walking distance from this hotel. There are several free zone areas, for the simple reason, there is still Shariah law that is followed, and some moves may land people up under arrest by the police.

The hotel is equipped with well made rooms for conferences and seminars. If you are planning an official meeting here, you have made the right choice. There is a separate gym for the people to come and workout. You may avail the gym services at real nominal prices and stay fit while following your healthy routine. See you think it and they have it.

Crystal plaza

Global Trading Corporation is the owner of the hotel. The group is already into much other business and this is their first venture into the hospitality market. Since they have already proved their metal in other businesses, they are here as well. All you may expect is the best of the best.

Coral beach

The hotel is perfect blend nature and manmade comfort. It is located very close to the sea. It is at the distance of nearly 45 minutes drive from the airport. Whether you are travelling alone, with professionals or with family, the hotel is a perfect fit for all. The hotel is alcohol free.

If you wish to enjoy every bit in luxury and class, then it is the right choice for you. Many visitors claim though any may stay here, but the amenities are perfect for corporate get together.

Grand Excelsior

This hotel is at around 2o minutes drive from the Dubai international airport and at 25 minutes drive from the Sharjah international airport. The hotel is located very close to the popular attractions of the city. Be it AL qasba, Khalid Lagoon, AL Majaz water front, you will not miss anything from there. There are nearly 180 rooms in this hotel.

Almost all attractive places are at a walking distance from here. So you do save a lot that you may have invested on the conveyance.

How can you forget Sharjah Cup- Cricket? There is this also to witness.

Swiss- Belhotel

This is a four star hotel. The hotel is stylish and modern but has managed to maintain some conventionality. You may sense the feel of Arabic culture.

There are provisions for almost anything and everything. It does look after its guests well and proper. The stay here will give you all the comfort you need.

Because of the competitive process, the choice is real nice. So whether you are travelling alone or with family, the stay is going to be memorable.

Centro hotel

The hotel is young and fresh. It has dynamic offerings. It has specifically been made for people who like dynamism in almost anything and everything. Since the market today seeks perfect blend of finesse and functionality, that too at the competitive prices, this hotel did do its research before it got made.

Does high bills make you upset? You are reading about the right hotel. Go ahead and lodge in this hotel. It is perfect for the price conscious market. The hotel is adjacent to Sharjah International Airport. City center- the hotel is just 15 minutes away from here. Welcome abode.