Shopping Malls in Dubai

shopping malls in Dubai

Dubai has become a premier tourist destination for tourist all over the globe. In addition to being home to the incredible buildings, the shopping malls in Dubai gave a unique recognition to the city. No matter, you are coming to this city as a tourist or business meeting, they are the must-visit places for sure. In this post, we will tell you about the top 10 best shopping malls in Dubai city. Check out each of them and go shopping to the ones that attract you the most.

1- Burjuman Centre

You won’t find a better community mall than the Burjuman Centre in the Dubai city. There are hundreds of stores in this place that ensure everyone gets something to shop for. It’s building located in the center of the city and linked with the transport through metro and cab services.

shopping malls in Dubai

All the major highways can be easily accessed from this center. This mall founded in the year 1992 as one of the city’s first shopping malls. In the past some years, this mall in dubai has become a hostile destination for the tourist.

2- Al Ghurair Centre

If you are one of those people who love the latest fashion products, then you will love the Al Ghurair Centre for sure. It has shops of many popular high street brands like Baby Phat, Esprit, and French Connection among others.

shopping malls in Dubai

Furthermore, many retail shops have local and unique items. It is guaranteed that the shopping at this mall will garnish your wardrobe for sure. This mall has featured in a plethora of Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

3- Mall of the Emirates

Opened for the public in 2005, the Mall of the Emirates known with the name of world’s first shopping resort. You will learn plenty of things from this mall, including shopping, entertainment, and superior leisure facilities. It is one of the best shopping malls in Dubai having shops of more than 550 international brands.

shopping malls in Dubai

In addition to that, this place has the city’s biggest Carrefour and a Magic Planet entertainment place for the leisure of the visitors.

4- IBN Battuta Mall

It is a single story mall that can be accessed using the metro services without any problem. The IBN Battuta Mall controlled by the Nakheel Properties and known for its different architecture. There are six courts in the mall and each one divided according to the travels of explorers from countries like Tunisia, Andulasia, Persia, China, Egypt, and India.

shopping malls in Dubai

This mall is located in the Sheikh Zayed Road and has many notable stores like Homes R US, Pizza Express, Debenhams, Paris Gallery, and Shakespeare.

5- Dubai Mall

Your tour of this city can’t be completed without visiting Dubai Mall. It is an exceptional place that situated in the center of the city and visited by more than 85 million people every year.

shopping malls in Dubai

Exploring this place is better than having a massage in Dubai due to its unique features that you should never miss.

6- Dubai Outlet Mall

This incredible mall was opened for the public in 2007 and since then become the talk of the town. There are more than 240 retail outlets featured in this mall selling products of over 1,200 brands. It is known as one of Dubai’s best shopping malls by Forbes magazine on a consistent basis.

shopping malls in Dubai

The Dubai Outlet Mall has a variety of services like baby carts, car cleaning service, wheelchair, first aid room, praying rooms, ATM cash machines, money exchange, and many more for the convenience of the visitors.

7- Mercato Shopping Mall

If one talks about the architecture, then the Mercato Shopping Mall should top the list. It is one of the most beautifully designed shopping malls in Dubai having renaissance style architecture. There are shops of well-known stores like Massimo Dutti, Laura Ashley, Mango, and M& Co. This place also has a fun city for the entertainment of the visitors.

shopping malls in Dubai

Furthermore, this mall also has a pet shop where your pets can play. Other than that, it has Vox Cinemas for the entertainment of the guests.

8- Deira City Centre

This beautiful place is situated on the Waterfront and famous for their friendly services. The majority of visitors get surprised after seeing the greeting and complimentary services offered by the malls. They also have places where one can enjoy an incredible massage in Dubai. The Deira City Centre is home to more than 350 stores selling a great range of merchandise.

shopping malls in Dubai

In addition to clothes, there are stores selling silk, oriental rugs, jewelry, and electronics at an affordable price. This mall also operates shuttle buses to some major hotels of the city.

9- Dubai Marina Mall

This Dubai Mall is simply a treat for the individual living in the Dubai Marina area. It is a perfect place for many popular activities and events. The Dubai Marina Mall has shops of many high-street brands and incredible waterfront dining options, like H&M, Cos, Monsoon, Billabong, and Pinko.

shopping malls in Dubai

This beautiful mall hasn’t compromised with the convenience of the guests. That’s why they offer them both perfect gourmet and eating experience.

10- Jumeirah Plaza

If you are looking for proper convenience, then Jumeirah Plaza is the best pick for you. It is one of the oldest malls in the city but still can beat many modern ones regarding facilities. This place is home to the stores of many international brands related to watches, jewelry, and homewares.

shopping malls in Dubai

There is a separate part in the mall that has completely furnished apartments, a hotel, and office space. Apart from that, you can get a massage in Dubai at this mall for relaxing yourself. Don’t forget to visit this mall.

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We have only mentioned top 10 shopping malls in Dubai where you should have a visit at every cost. If you have a query about this post, please tell us in the comment section.