Tandem Bungee Jumping in Dubai

Tandem Bungee Jumping in Dubai

Dubai has become a premier location for the people who want to enjoy an amazing holiday. When it comes to adventure activities, there is no exception as you can find them here too. The Tandem bungee jumping in Dubai is one of the major activities that you should not miss in any case. It will take your adventure experience to a completely different level. It is a paradise for the individuals who are looking for a complete package in a single holiday. There is an enthralling experience that you can enjoy during this activity.

What is the dress code to enjoy this activity?

The bungee jumping Dubai will turn out to be the most memorable moments in your life. There are certain things related to the dresses that you should keep in mind while enjoying this activity. We have explained each of them below:

  • It strongly recommended that you should wear normal shoes instead of stylish ones.
  • No one is allowed to wear the spectacles during this activity. However, you can use lenses if you want to do.
  • You are free to wear all types of casual shoes other than skirts that are strictly prohibited.

Tandem Bungee Jumping in Dubai

What are the age restrictions and weight limit for bungy jumping in Dubai?

There are certain things that you should keep in mind before booking this activity. The authority has set up some restrictions and limits for ensuring the participants stay safe. If you are a solo jumper, then the maximum weight allowed is 120 KG, whereas the weight limit for a tandem jump is 217 KG.

On the other hand, there is a need for a medical certificate if someone above 50 years wants to enjoy this activity. Also, the children above 11 can only take part in the tandem bungee jumping in Dubai if they have taken permission from their parents or guardians.

How to book this activity?

There are many different ways one can book this activity in Dubai city. However, we strongly suggest that everyone should contact the authority in advance so that you can avoid disappointment later. You should connect with them through email, phone or live chat so that all the arrangements made in advance for you.

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Tandem Bungee Jumping in Dubai is one of the most amazing activities that you can add in your tour. It will not give you memorable moments, but also some enjoyment that is almost impossible to find anywhere else. We suggest that you should book this activity as soon as possible. If you have a query about this activity, then please tell us in the comment section. One of our representatives will reach to you at the earliest. Have a safe trip, guys!