The Dubai Mall – What to Know Before You Go to Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is one of the most entertaining locations to visit for the tourists coming to the Dubai city. Located near the Burj Khalifa, it is the world’s biggest mall. It is not only famous for the Dubai Mall aquarium but also amazing restaurants and top-class boutiques. In this post, we will tell about many interesting about the Dubai Mall. We suggest you check each of them carefully, so you don’t have any difficulty while visiting this place.

1- Fantastic foods

There are a huge number of many fantastic restaurants in Dubai Mall serving fantastic foods. This place is a paradise for the people who love eating something unique. You will get a chance to eat foods from many different countries like Bangladesh, Yemen, India, Iran, Pakistan, and many more.

 Dubai Mall

2- Perfume samples

Dubai Mall is an incredible place where you will find many outlets selling perfume samples. Many brands operate royalty-worthy shops and stands in this place where one can get samples while exploring it.

 Dubai Mall

3- Dubai Ice Rink

You can take a break from the heat of Dubai city by visiting the Dubai Ice Rink located in the mall. The officials organize the ice skating sessions almost every hour of the day. Other than Dubai Mall Aquarium, this section often demands bookings in advance.

Dubai Mall

4- Dinosaur Skeleton

Have you ever thought about meeting a dinosaur in life? If not, then it is time for dreaming about that as this mall has a skeleton hanging in the middle. Anyone can visit it without paying any additional charges. It will simply be a treat for the families having small kids.

Dubai Mall

5- Printing 3D candy

The first 3D gummy printer on this world is also located in this mall. You can choose between more than 20 different designs that also include the Dubai skyline. Another amazing thing about these candies is they last for almost a year.

 Dubai Mall

6- Dubai Aquarium

If you are a marine life lover, then the Dubai Mall Aquarium is the best place to visit. It is located amidst the middle of the mall, and you will love to visit for sure. This underwater zoo is a unique attraction for people of all ages.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall Timings

It is important to stay aware about Dubai mall timings so that one doesn’t have to land in disappointment. The mall stays open between 10 AM and midnight on all seven days of the week. However, the restaurants & food courts stay open till 1 AM in the night. The metro link bridge outlets stay open till midnight every week.

Dubai Mall

How to reach Dubai Mall?

There are plenty of ways to reach Dubai mall that include metro, bus, car, taxi, and coach. We have provided some important details about each of them below:

  • Metro: You can take a metro to Dubai Mall Station and reach quite conveniently. They run on a frequent basis.
  • Car & Taxi: There are many cab companies like Uber and Careem running taxi services to this mall.
  • Dubai Mall Coach: There are mall coach services available from plenty of places like The Palm, Jumeirah Beach Residences, Dubai Marina, and Port Rashid.

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We believe that you have received all the important information about the Dubai Mall. Do you think that we have forgotten to mention anything? If yes, then please tell us in the comment section.