Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Ajman

Ajman tourist places

Ajman is one of the most popular places in the United Arab Emirates where one can explore many beautiful sightseeing locations. It is very smaller in the area and doesn’t have as many hot spots as other cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. However, you will find it everything that ranges for locations for a perfectly relaxing evening to couple-friendly options. If you are looking to know the tourist attractions in Ajman, then you have landed in the right place. Check out all of them and visit ones that attract you the most.

  • Ajman National Museum

If you want to know about the history of Ajman city, then you visit their National Museum. It features the irrigation systems, trade history, weaponry, and models of shows. The Ajman National Museum is a perfect place to visit if you love to explore historic places.

Ajman tourist places

It built in the 18th century and situated in the center of the capital. The ruling family of the city stayed in this palace until 1970. The official has restored it multiple times since its foundation and now is the home to the Ajman Museum.

  • Ajman Dhow-Building Yard

This place is known as the largest dhow-building center in the world, and the people all over the world prefer to visit this sightseeing attraction. It is situated on the north side of Ajman Creek and constructed using conventional tools.

Ajman tourist places

It is also the place where the speedsters boost up their skills. There are more than 20 boats constructed on this dhow yard at a single time. It is an interesting place that should be the part of your journey for sure.

  • Al Zorah Natural Reserve

Are you one of those people who like to visit natural locations, then the Al Zorah Natural Reserve is one of the best Ajman tourist places for you? The main thing that attracts most visitors is pink flamingos and mangroves. That’s not all, you will find over 60 species of birds that will mesmerize your heart for sure.

Ajman tourist places

It is the perfect place for the natural seekers and bird watchers. You won’t find these types of many places in a desert country like UAE.

  • Ajman Beach

Exploring this beach is one of the best things to do in Ajman, and we ensure that you will love this place for sure. There is no doubt that Ajman is not as developed as other cities in UAE, but spending time in this less crowded place will make your day for sure.

Ajman tourist places

The people of all the ages enjoy visiting this beautiful Ajman beach due to its charming shorelines and fabulous location. Also, there are lots of wonderful hotels where you can have a comfortable stay for sure. It is one of the most diversified tourist attractions in Ajman.

  • Hassa Buweid Castle

The Hassa Buweid Castle presents the rich heritage of Ajman in a very amazing way. This beautiful monument located on the hilltop and built by the late Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi in 1976. The main motive of constructing this beautiful castle was to increase protection against the enemies.

Ajman tourist places

This castle also has two beautiful rooms having an amazing interior that you should explore for sure.

  • Etisalat Tower

There is no way that our list of Ajman tourist places will get completed without mentioning the name of Etisalat Tower. It is a distinctive skyscraper having a mosque style shape. This tower is a perfect blend of the modern engineering and traditional looks.

Ajman tourist places

The top of this building has a giant ball that makes this building unique than the others. So, it is important that you should visit this place at every cost.

  • Al Murabba Watchtower

Visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Ajman during your tour to the United Arab Emirates. The Murabba Watchtower is a classic example of seafaring past of this beautiful city that makes it a perfect place to visit. This place is perfect for both history and leisure lovers.

Ajman tourist places

This amazing place built during the 1930s for offering protection to the city. It has restored multiple times, most notably in 2000.

  • Mowaihat Archeological Site

If the cultural tradition attracts you the most, then visit this site is a must do a thing. This ancient site discovered in the year 1986 in a very bad condition. However, the authorities polished the Mowaihat Archeological Site that makes it worthy of the visit. This site has slowly become one of the major tourist attractions in Ajman.

Ajman tourist places

The people from all over come to explore the natural beauty of this place. The history lovers can enjoy very quality time and learn about many new things. It is home to many tombs, vessels, and many other exciting things showcasing the ancient humans.

  • Red Fort

This ancient fort is one of the most exciting Ajman tourist places that include two towers and four rooms. The Red Fort built by the Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi. There is another tower in the fort that adds astonishing beauty to this place. Also, there are lots of trees near the red fort that add greenery to the surroundings.

Ajman tourist places

The beams in the red fort are constructed using woods that add the traditional look to this place.

  • Seneyah Island

Our list will end with a visit to the scenic Seneyah Island that located near the Umm Al-Quwain City. Exploring the rich flora & fauna is one of the best things to do in Ajman for the adventure lovers. This place is perfect for the individual who wants a great escape from the city’s traffic and noise.

Ajman tourist places

Over the past few years, this place has become the major option for the people who like to have a day trip to see the natural beauty of the Gulf. You can see a variety of birds like herons, plovers, flamingos, and many more. Don’t forget to visit it during your trip to the Ajman.

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In this post, we have provided all the important information about the tourist attractions in Ajman. Now, you need to choose ones where you want to have a visit. Good luck with your trip.